2017 May: news- Wastecooking 2nd season

The Second Season of Wastecooking airs on ARTE in June 2017

The success story continues in five European countries. Daily from June 19-23 on ARTE.

Explore Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Greece and Romania with us.

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2017 April: news- new website

New website SCHALLER08

The filmmaker collective SCHALER08 has a brand new look. A colorful overview of the trio’s cinematic films, TV reportage, image films and cross-media projects.

website-design: Stefan Nießner

New website!



2017 March: News- DVD


A BEST OF compilation of’s first year. DVD release event in the Herbert Hall in Salzburg, Austria with a film presentation, oriental buffet and performance by two members of the support band. The double DVD with the impressive name REFUGEE SUPERSTAR is available to order online.

Here you can order our DVD REFUGEE SUPERSTAR



2017 February: news- Highlights Japan

Highlights from the Wastecooking Tour in Japan

This wastecooking documentary has enjoyed a successful cinematic launch in Tokyo. A number of screenings were sold-out, newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV stations extensively reported on the Wastecooking Japan Tour. The official trailer, TV clips and a photo gallery give insights into the trip.



report about wastecooking in japanese TV


Links, articles:




rebirth project-magazine


2017 January: News- Let’s go Japan!

Wastecooking big in Japan

Info about the Wastecooking Japan trip:

Cinematic premiere of the Wastecooking documentary in Tokyo

Two-week promotional tour through Japan with cooking events

2016 December: News Austrian tour

Wrap-up shoot in Salzburg Land

2016 November: News

Post-production for the second season of Wastecooking

Putting the finishing touches on the most recent European trip

To be broadcast in spring 2017/ ARTE, ORF

2016 October: News

Gross am Land broadcast weekly on Servus TV


Gross am Land: Saturdays, 6:40 pm on Servus TV
Watch all episodes and see the programming schedule by visiting the media library:

2015 – 2017: is a cross-media project that was started by David Gross in September 2015. It is Europe’s first internet broadcasting channel run by refugees. provides a platform for filmmakers and journalists who come to Europe as refugees. Often they have been forced out of their home countries as a result of their critical reporting. Films and reports are produced in cooperation with a German-Austrian film crew. offers film workshops for young refugees, runs temporary TV studios in refugee shelters and takes part in art festivals with the support band. The multicultural team led by David Gross includes media representatives from 10 countries. website

Teaser first report

Crowdfunding video

Teaser Heimatfilm

Visit’s Facebook page

2015: Wastecooking Festival Film

In addition to the TV show, a Wastecooking documentary film was also made and celebrated its world premiere at the renowned IDFA film festival. Both the film and the TV show have won numerous awards.

Wastecooking – Kochen was andere verschwenden (‘Cook What Others Waste’)
(AUT 2015, 80 min)
Concept, writer, presenter: David Gross
Director: Georg Misch
Camera: Daniel Samer
Production: Mischief Films

Deauville Green Awards 2015 – Doc Silver Award
Cannes TV & Media Award 2015, Silver Dolphin
NaturVision 2016, German Conservation and Sustainability Film Award
Ekotopfilm 2016, Human Activity Success Stories

2014 – 2017: Wastecooking TV

Wastecooking is a transmedia project launched on May 1, 2012 by David Gross. This consumerism-critical cooking show was also adapted for TV. In two seasons, David Gross travels with his waste kitchen and waste-mobile through 10 European countries.

Season one: Filmed in summer 2014, broadcast in spring 2015 (ARTE, ORF)

Season two: Filmed in summer 2016, broadcast in spring 2017 (ARTE, ORF)


MORE INFO season two

The full-length feature film of the Wastecooking European tour was first broadcast on ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) in June 2015. The culinary road trip movie received 2015’s second-highest TV ratings in the documentary broadcasting slot.

Wastecooking TV documentary clip


2013: Ohne Geld durch Österreich

In the summer of 2013 David Gross traveled around Austria for five weeks without money. He chronicled his experiences in a blog that became the source of interesting discussion. David Gross is working on a travel book that will also address his experiences during this summer of travel.

Travel blog

2012 – 2016: Austrian Doctors

Hilfe, die bleibt

Austrian Doctors provide volunteer medical assistance in the world’s poorest countries. They train staff, run hospitals and build schools. Together with cameraman Daniel Samer, David Gross produced three films for Austrian Doctors. In cooperation with the parent organization German Doctors.

Serabu Community Hospital, Sierra Leone

St. Francis Assisi School, Calcutta

Calcutta doctor project

Austrian Doctors – Website

2012 – 2017: Wastecooking

Webseries, performances, initiatives and exhibitions

This consumerism-critical cooking show is a transmedia-project. It uses multiple forms of media to raise awareness of the issue of food waste and demonstrate creative solutions to the problem.

Wastecooking can be experienced first-hand at art festivals, as part of exhibitions and through performances. David Gross brought Wastecooking to life on May 1, 2012. He acts as author, dumpster diver and cooking activist. Wastecooking began with an underground webseries, political dumpster diving tours and actionist cooking events. The project became popular with a larger audience through a TV series and cinematic film.

The Wastecooking cinematic documentary won awards at film festivals in Germany, France and the Czech Republic. In January 2017 the film will premiere in Japan. David Gross will be taking a two-week trip to Japan to present the film and participate in consumerism-critical cooking events.



Days in Trash – Clip

Free Supermarket

Visit wastecooking’s Facebook page

2012: Holy Waters

AUT 2012, 75 min
Screenplay/director: David Gross
Camera: Daniel Samer
Editing: Bernhard Braunstein

Holy Waters, David Gross’s second full-length feature documentary, premiered in 2012 at the Crossing Europe film festival. This film deals with people who worship water and the director’s grandmother who abhors it.

David Gross received the Bundes-Startstipendium für Filmkunst grant for Holy Waters.

2012: Nepalesische Hüttenwirte

AUT 2102, 45 min, Servus TV

Part two of visual field research in the Austrian Alps. Sherpas train to become alpine innkeepers in Tyrol.

2011-2016: Kulturfonds (Culture Fund) Awards

The cultural department of the City of Salzburg awards prizes each year for outstanding achievements in art, culture, science, research and youth work. David Gross, along with his colleagues Bernhard Braunstein and Martin Hasenöhrl, won the 2011 Kulturfond advancement award. The trio has profiled each year’s winners ever since.

Info and Videos:

2010: Die Hirschrufer

Part one of visual field research in the Austrian Alps featuring hunters who imitate the rutting of the deer in Salzburg and participate in the European Stag Calling Championships.

Watch the entire film by visiting:

2009 – 2012: Mockumentary Double

Lenz (AUT 2009, 33 min) is a fictional documentary created in cooperation with Bernhard Braunstein and Martin Hasenöhrl. Georg Büchner’s legendary novella serves as inspiration for this drama of a young theater student in the mountains.

Verstrickungen (AUT 2012, 18 min) is a mockumentary that revolves around a mysterious family constellation in a remote hotel in the forest. Director: David Gross / Camera: Daniel Samer

Both films premiered as part of Cinema-Next.

2008: Pharao Bipolar

Pharao Bipolar – (A 2008, 60 min)

This documentary portrays actor Werner Ludvig Buchmayer who leads a life between the psychiatry hospital and the stage.

Directors: Bernhard Braunstein & David Gross
Production: Mischief Films

Best Austrian Short Film (Diocese Graz-Seckau Prize) / Diagonale 2008


2006: Reisen im eigenen Zimmer

Reisen im eigenen Zimmer

AUT / 2006, 57 min

Reisen im eigenen Zimmer is the portrait of Salzburg writer Gerhard Amanshauser. Born in 1928, the poet suffered from Parkinson’s for 12 years. He himself said that if he were able to write another book, it would be called “Reisen im eigenen Zimmer” (“Travels in My Own Room”).

Directors: Bernhard Braunstein & David Gross / Editors: Dieter Pichler / Photos: Werner Schnelle
International premiere: Solothurner Filmtage 2006

Honorable mention: Diagonale06

2005 – 2011: Gross am Land

In 2005 David Gross filmed the first of 260 episodes of Gross am Land. This series quickly achieved cult status on the TV station Salzburg TV and continues to be shown on its successor station Servus TV. Gross am Land is an early form of slow TV: slowed-down opportunistic journalism rather than breathless sensationalized reporting.

Episodes and info:

Double episodes of Gross am Land are shown Saturdays at 6:40 pm on Servus TV.



Jägerstammtisch (Hunters‘ Meeting), 2011


Sautrottel Episode, 2006


Argument on the Autobahn, 2007

2003: Stellvertretend in den Tod

Screenplay/camera/director: David Gross
Editing/post-production: Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner

In 2003 David Gross celebrated his feature-length film debut at Diagonale03 with Stellvertretend in den Tod. This documentary about his own grandfather’s Nazi past created heated debate among audiences and critics.

“David Gross impressively broke the mold of traditional documentaries,” wrote Der Standard newspaper.